Forex Calculator

As part of the comprehensive toolkit provided exclusively by Forex Gama, you’re able to make critical calculations before you place your next trade or when deciding to exit a position. Avoid making expensive mistakes by taking advantage of our calculator suite.

  • Margin CalculatorCalculate the required margin you need to open and hold positions. This calculator helps you to ensure you have enough balance to sustain any drawdown.
  • Pip CalculatorCalculate the value of a Pip according to a specific currency pair and order size to understand how much you stand to gain or lose for each Pip the market moves.
  • Swaps CalculatorCalculate how much you will pay or be paid for holding positions overnight. Swaps change from time to time and vary depending on the pair you are trading.
  • Introduction to Fundamental AnalysisLearn how the news affects the sentiment of the market and the price of an asset.
  • Profit CalculatorEvaluate and forecast profit or loss from any trade that you make in the forex market. Make it easier to keep on top of your risk-to-reward ratio.

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