Forex Gama Education

Trading without adequate knowledge is a significant risk. Before you can start trading, you need to understand the principles of risk management, how orders are submitted and executed, charts, technical analysis, trading platform functionality, factors that influence prices and understanding how to manage your emotions.

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Forex Education Courses

Kickstart your trading career with a specialised curriculum designed by forex trading experts at Forex Gama.

  • The BasicsIf you’re entirely new to trading Forex, this is where your journey starts.
  • Introduction to MetaTrader 5Learn how to install the MT5 platform, navigate the application, use the essential functions and place your first trade
  • Introduction to Technical AnalysisUnderstand the concept of technical analysis and learn how to use some of the most common indicators and charts tools.
  • Introduction to Fundamental AnalysisLearn how the news affects the sentiment of the market and the price of an asset.
  • Trading PsychologyUnderstand the emotions and biases that you need to grapple with as while you are trading. Learn how to listen to the market and not the voices in your head.

More Education