Forex Gama White Label

We offer one of the most flexible white label forex broker solutions in the industry. Over the past few years, Forex Gama has perfected its trading infrastructure and now offers the opportunity for young or aspiring brokers to use that very same infrastructure as a launchpad.

What we offer

A white label brokerage isn’t just about the trading platform; it’s about everything that goes on behind the scenes. We white label our client zone, payment methods, market data, liquidity feeds and order execution, KYC and AML compliance and customer support. All you have to do is bring clients and make money.

Are you interested in starting your white label forex broker?

Contact an institutional sales expert at Forex Gama to learn more about how you can launch your white label broker in a matter of weeks.

White label vs own platform

Starting a forex business can be very tempting; it’s incredibly lucrative if you can do it right. What a lot of start-ups forget is that there are a lot of costs involved

  • A trading platform license can cost over $100,00 and tens of thousands each year for support and maintenance.
  • Applying for a license can take months to fulfil the requirements and find the necessary staff and another few months while regulators review your application.
  • Deposits of tens of thousands are required to open liquidity accounts with prime brokers.
  • Finding reliable payment providers can be complicated and usually the ones who agree to work new brokers overcharge.
  • The back-office and client zone you deploy will need to meet strict data protection requirements.

On top of all the costs outlined above, you still need to endure to spend money on advertising and client acquisition. With a white label solution from Forex Gama, you can skip a variety of costs, complications and risks.