Introduction to MetaTrade Introduction to MetaTrade

MetaTrader 5 is also available for your iOS or Android device. The MT5 mobile application is ideal if you want to cut down on screen time—either trade from the couch on your iPad or tablet or on-the-go from your mobile phone. The MT5 app is equipped with all the features you need to manage your positions, analyse the markets and submit new orders.

How to Access MetaTrader 5 for MobileMetaTrade

If you already have a Forex Gama trading account, all you need to do is go to the respective app store to download MetaTrader 5 for your device. If you don’t already have a trading account with us, open one today. When you launch the application for the first time, make sure you have the correct trade server selected, then simply sign in with your credentials.

Get MetaTrader 5 for your favourite mobile device.

MetaTrader 5 MobileSystem Requirements

MetaTrader 5 iOS MetaTrader 5 Android
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires the device to be running iOS 4.0 or later. Requires a smartphone running Android OS 2.1 and higher.